Guilherme A. Silva

A native of Brazil, a former attorney at law, and currently an Associate Professor in Political Science (International Relations, Ph.D.), I am an artist at heart. I strive to embrace in my artwork the visual equivalence of the scientific principle of ‘elegant theory’. If theoretical elegance implies few axioms to explain relevant phenomena, visual elegance emerges from the organic integration of few compositional elements endowed with meaning, together evoking emotional and logical understandings.


The result is visual productions in which simplicity in lines and curves, shapes and light, color and shades, reflect aesthetically pleasing and emotionally compelling visual displays that tap into our cognitive responses.


I see my art as a medium to explore simple beauty in my physical and social worlds in search for endless exchanges between reality and imagination, between the concrete and the abstract, the objective and the subjective, the aesthetic and the emotive; the duality of meanings.